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Industrial HDPE Pipe

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    Category: HDPE Pipe

    Size/Diameter: 20 mm to 800 mm
    Pressure Rating/ PN Class: PN 4, 6, & 8
    Length of Pipe: 6 m
    IS Code: 4984 (2016)
    Usage/Application: Industrial
    Color: Black
    Wall Thickness: 10 to 50 mm

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        The Advantages of Industrial HDPE Pipes make them Suitable for Various Applications:

        • Portable Water Supply
        • Flood Sprinkle, Drip irrigation Micro & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
        • Sewage and Solid Waste Management Pipelines.
        • Underground Pipelines
        • Chilled Water Circulation
        • Gas Transportation
        • Electrical Cables Installations
        • Building, Land, Industrial Waste Water Drainage System
        • Hazardous, Municipal Corporation, Chemical Waste Drainage Lines
        • Lift and Gravity Water Supply Systems
        • Sewerage Pumping and Effluent Disposal Systems.
        • Agriculture: Used for Spraying Long length delivery of water, Pesticides,
        • Air compressors, Delivery Hose, and Suction.